During the Pandemic, I found a way to spend my time and rekindled my love for LEGO.

LEGO Stop Motion Builds

LEGO Castle Set #375
LEGO Z-95 Headhunter Set #75004

Johnson & Johnson Emerging Leaders AsiaPac Team Building Movie

Shanghai Bund After Effects Movie

Links to Blog where you can see more video examples and presentations:

A presentation I gave at the Long Museum in Shanghai about the power of color with cross culture references:


Holiday Greeting cards we sent virtually to all Clients at ClarkMorgan:


This After Effects Movie ran behind the reception desk at the office in Shanghai.


The work I had been doing in the first year I worked at ClarkMorgan. It showed my capabilities to the Trainers and Sales Team to be able to help them pitch my talent to clients for a more impactful learning experience. Adding the +++services for increased revenue.


This is just the movie pulled from the Keynote presentation from above.



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