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During the Pandemic, I found a way to spend my time and rekindled my love for LEGO.

LEGO Stop Motion Builds

LEGO Castle Set #375
LEGO Z-95 Headhunter Set #75004
This one was fun. I taught my 8 year old niece how to do Stop Motion Builds with this LEGO Pirate Island Set #6260. I let her use the remote on the camera and pick one of the stock tracks for the music.
I gave her credits at the end which just tickled her.

Links to the MLOG page(Matt’s Blog aka MLOG) where you can see more video:

Here is one on A presentation I gave at the Long Museum in Shanghai:

Another is a Holiday Greeting cards we sent virtually to all Clients at ClarkMorgan:

This one has no sound because it ran on a loop in the monitor behind the reception desk at the office in Shanghai:

This is one of my favorites. It showcased the work I had been doing in the first year I worked at ClarkMorgan. It was intended to show the capabilities to the Trainers and Sales Team to be able to help them pitch my talent.

This is just the movie pulled from the Keynote presentation from above.


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