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The Power of Color Presentation at the Long Museum, Shanghai

I introduce you to the keynote presentation I gave at the Long Museum, West Bund, Pudong, Shanghai, China in 2015. Special thanks to Yoky (Shaiyao) Yu who help me translate. This presentation describes the different ways we see, use multiple in mediums, perceive in different cultures, see in nature with animations to reveal the color wheel, palettes used to create and understand what we see. (Please note there is no sound but you will understand it and hopefully enjoy.)


Happy Holidays from ClarkMorgan Ltd.

Seasons Greetings from ClarkMorgan

This is an After Effects movie I created last year for the company I work for, ClarkMorgan Ltd. and since the company and I have been so busy we recycled it this year. I’m sure this is the first time many of you have seen it. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.


ClarkMorgan Entry Monitor Movie


Here is one of my latest projects that I put together in After Effects. It plays from a monitor on the wall behind the front desk as you walk into our Shanghai office. No sound, it just plays on a loop. It adds an interactive and engaging element, more than just a logo on collecting dust on the wall.


Placement of the monitor seen here:

CM Front Entry


Happy Holidays from ClarkMorgan Ltd.

Happy Holidays from ClarkMorgan Ltd.

Happy Holidays from ClarkM


What Ron Burgundy Can Teach Us, in Bismarck, ND!


Mr. Stay Classy San Diego teaches us the ultimate in sitting through what is at best a Jr. High (participation ribbon award) production, to becoming the unique and strategic placement of social media. The added factor of Ferrell as “Ron” makes the staff laugh, become looser, perform better and play off him (Extra points to the Sportscaster with the reference “Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary” & little girl dressed as “Santa” pushing a Euro Jacket with built in iron!) making everyone around him getting excited and engaged.

Not the biggest secret that one of comedy’s best adds to a program. The fact that he gets a sweatshirt (it may or not soak up 500 gallons, I repeat 500 GALLONS!)

I repeat 500 GALLONS!

Although not the secret but a pretty awesome sweatshirt! The secret is that this is a great example of strategic ad placement for a viral video to push a movie or product. It’s a win for all sides; Let’s speak Bismark, ND acknowledgement first, not only a huge jump of the scale viewership, but they got their first viewer. With the power of putting something on the line, they got 130,000+ in 3 days! They’ve never had a walkie talkie that reach more than 3-4 people if they hadn’t frozen to death, so honestly 3 people listened in.

As far as Will Ferrell and what the new Anchorman movie gains, their upside EVERYTHING!

ROI is so big on drop in the bucket, truly a well timed, executed, constructed plan. Great concept, and follow through for the whole crew!

Baxter gives his bark of approval! Woof! (you ate the wheel of cheese?) I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!

I hope you gain a bigger view while being entertained!



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