Return of LEGO

We are all aware of how strange and life changing 2020 has been. No need to cover all of those events. Rather, I wanted to share with you how I spent my time staying safe at home. It all started with the show LEGO Masters which ignited my love for LEGO again. I thought to myself I should pull out my LEGO collection that I have collected as an adult over the years and organize them.

I began with the instruction books. Which I had set aside and needed some organization to preserve them from further wrinkles and rips. They also included some older ones. I was unaware that I was the keeper of providing a safe haven for those books and pages from childhood. These were from the a collection that included all of the sets that my brothers and I had some dating back to the 1980s. Some needed minor repair which I mended. Then put them all in plastic sleeves and into a three ring binder. Then sorted them by LEGO set number starting lower numbered set identification.


DrawersThe next item was how to store and sort the bricks. I went on Amazon and ordered 2 of these Set of Drawers and set them aside for a little while. I started thinking about how to really organize bricks and make it something special. After searching the web for a solution I found some good ideas of what others had done. I decided to make a custom solution for my collection of bricks.

Taking on the task of gathering all of the kits I had either in boxes or partially together in bags apart, I ended up with a bin of loose bricks. I then removed all of the drawers, spread them out and started sorting them by brick type no matter what color they were. I found out that searching through the same color brick was much more time consuming then shape. After the initial sort I noticed a lot of bricks that did not have a home in the drawers. I thought about having a misfit bin of bricks but elected to purchase one more set of drawers I mentioned earlier in the post. Once that arrived I continued the sort.

Now it was time to start making labels. I measured the front of the drawers and found it easiest to use Adobe Illustrator. With some help of the free storage labels in PDF format I had found on earlier on my search for best way to sort. I used these as a basis of how to customize my collection. Using the format  provided from Example can be seen here:LEGO Label Example

After fine tuning the label I started to dig in. Researching Part Names, LEGO Part Numbers and Images. I was truly satisfied after a few weeks of picking away at it. The next step was to see how to keep these together and not tipping over. It happened once accidentally. I didn’t mind the initial sort but the resorting was painful. I decided to use door hinges and some scrap wood I had laying about. I painted the wood and measured so the drawers would be all in arms reach when moved to an angled position you sit in front of it. The angling of the drawers gave it an anti-tipping property. You can see the final Solution here:

I then reinserted the labeled drawers and am very satisfied with the result.

LEGO Drawers Completed

I thought that would satisfy my LEGO interest, but it turned out to just be the beginning of other fun LEGO things to do.

I turned my attention to setting up a truly make shift backdrop to make stop motion movies with. I used the backside of a cutting board and a couple of clamps to hold it in an infinity position.

LEGO Photo Background

You can navigate on over to my Videos page and see some of the videos I created.

I am sure more fun LEGO content is coming.




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