Who is Matt Lunz?

Matt Lunz started with a passion for art and design. From the days of yore when Pong was played with wired paddles, Matt dreamed of an artistic life entwined, with a life where the art that lived within could find an avenue to the hearts and minds of the masses. Converting from the traditional hands-on based form of art to the computer based, has excelled at bringing a larger vision to life and broadening the scope and size of what can tantalize the eye. The pixels and passion living as one.

Love of learning is key, a central tenet if you will, that brings ensuring quality driven end results. The style is flexible and customer driven with proven advertising rules set as to the how and when. Combining marketing law with design innovation to render intelligent, client-minded outcomes Matt is poised to show what the honor bestowed upon him at hire can do. It is in fact a privilege, and treated as such.

Matt has many interests beyond the virtual confines. Previously working as a bartender has adapted to converse with all, save the rude; and through years of fishing the virtues of patience.

All of the above interests has helped provide on-time deliverables of the utmost quality and with the love of design that denotes a full understanding of the market at hand and the goals of being at the top.

How can he add to your existing team to hit targets and further the company?